Upstart - equipping young Geelong entrepreneurs to create their own future jobs

Posted: 14th Feb

Upstart Entrepreneurial Challenge is a not for profit and registered charity on a mission to raise awareness of entrepreneurship and business start- up as a valid career option. We equip young people for the jobs of the future as the economic and employment landscape transforms.

Upstart ask students “What’s your big idea to positively change your world?” Upstart ignites their passion and takes them on a journey to help them reach their goals.  Students are  matched with industry mentors, equipping them with the tools to turn their ideas into successful customer focused solutions.

Upstart nurtures and instils the value of lifelong learning principles, collaboration, the need to ask for help and to just have a go. Our fail fast methodologies help build essential life skills such as resilience and problem solving.

In 2016 15  Geelong schools and 256 students participated .

Read more here to find out how you and your school can be a part of this innotive and successful program.