2017 Structured Workplace Learning, ( SWL) kicks off in Geelong - the first step on the road to employment in trending regional industries.

Posted: 22nd Feb

Geelong Region LLEN hope everyone has started the year off well and your students are all keen and ready to undertake SWL!

As a quick reminder, the LLEN has the DET contract for SWL for 2017. SWL has been funded for four years but the program is currently under review. All of the Geelong region SWL opportunities will be listed on our website www.experienceforworkforyoungpeople.com.au .

We have developed this as a local, user friendly website that also contains all the resources you need and is part of www.geelongcareers.org.au so emphasises the link that SWL has to employment.

At the start of this year our SWL opportunities will be progressively released over a week, one/two ‘trending industries’ at a time – please see our schedule below (this is about the same time as in previous years). I have attached a list of the types of VETiS programs that fall in to each of the trending industry areas to this email. Please remember that this is just ‘a point in time’ release of placements. SWL placements will be added on a regular basis throughout the year.

For a full chart on SWL and the trending industries into which it is mapped, click here