The Little Search Engine That Could. Deakin partners with Geelong Careers to tell its global good story

Posted: 4th Aug







 The Little Search Engine That Could.

Deakin partners with Geelong Careers to tell its global good story

Marianne Messer. Manager Geelong Careers

Christine Shaw, Talent Acquisition Deakin University


 “Organisations working in collaboration to attract the best Talent to the Geelong Region will only benefit us as whole, now and into the future”  Christine Shaw (Talent Acquisitions – Deakin)



Geelong has a long history of innovationfrom the invention of many Australian icons such as the Hills Hoist, Ford Ute and the modern refrigerator to present day successes such as the Carbon Revolution, Deakin Manu futures and Project Runway.


Geelong Careers, a non for profit  search engine designed and built here in Geelong is the latest project  from  the  Innovation Capital of Australia.  Geelong Careers is

is the only dedicated online Regional careers resource model of its kind in Australia, and possibly the world.


Geelong Careers is the go-to site for all things careers and appears in the top five google searches for Geelong, and the top careers search all without a single cent of paid search engine optimisation. Try  searching Geelong Careers  and in a fraction of a second up comes Geelong Careers heading over 29 million search results.




 Geelong Careers had over 1 million hits last year accessing this little job search engine to plan career moves, apply for jobs, advertise jobs and manage applicants,  all for free.


A third of these hits came from outside the area, highlighting that talent is interested in our  region, and uses Geelong Careers to plan any potential move.

Geelong Careers uniquely connects and engages the talent from beyond our region, and promotes our region to the world.


Deakin University has partnered with Geelong Careers’ unique, innovative “destination marketing”  approach in getting the University’s  careers  message  to a targeted and engaged audience looking at regional work opportunities.  With   the university’s  determination to innovate,  Deakin has been the first Geelong organization to partner with Geelong Careers, followed closely by Barwon Health.  

Geelong Careers , Deakin University  and Barwon Health recognise Geelong is a destination of choice for many organisations and people looking to work in a modern, confident 21st Century Smart Cityand together hope to encourage other organisations to take up the sponsorship / partnership option.


 “Organisations working in collaboration to attract the best Talent to the Geelong Region will only benefit us as whole, now and into the future”  Christine Shaw (Talent Acquisitions – Deakin)



Making the most of Google Searches


It is widely reported that 70% of the global workforce is passive talent  and three out of four job shopper’s google the region prior to applying for a role, candidates behaviour when considering a career change is much like a consumer looking at a new product, they undertake considerable research and factor in location, lifestyle, housing prices, labor market and future career opportunities, career options for partners and children. This is exactly why a collective region approach can be of benefit to everyone, by showcasing the vast, rich and diverse range of organisation that are options. Geelong Careers has shown that it can connects candidates to the opportunities quicker and tells the bigger story  of what it is like to live and work in the region.


Candidates are getting confused on where to find careers as there are a multitudeof job boards which confuses and frustrates candidates and does not direct them to all the opportunities available whereas Geelong Careers offers the one platform to search for all employment opportunities in our region, connecting individual searchers directly to companies, and, at the same time exposing them to the region’s broader life style, environment and career potential.


Geelong’s Story and our Economic Future


70 kilometers South West of Melbourne, Geelong is well positioned as both the northern gateway to the surf coast, and an attractive employment destination for the southern Melbourne suburbs. 


We are expected to grow in population from 230,000 to beyond 300,000 by 2031.  Attracted by our environment amenity and lifestyle values people want to live, work and raise their children here.  Why wouldn’t they?  Geelong is not the abandoned factories of the northern suburbs, or the empty shops in the city centre.  Geelong is the fastest growing region in the state,and one of the most diverse economies in the country.  


Geelong Career’s dig deeper pages for each of our regional trending industriestell the bigger EVP Geelong story.  There are eight trending industriesin Geelong which are already or soon will be, skill shortages.  GC has researched the top performing careers within each industry and how to access them, including alternative career pathways that don’t require university degrees, or experience. GC is  the  only online careers resource that offers a live job feed, a behind the scenes look at hundreds of companies daily, access to career advice from prominent experts, industry hero stories and an online immersive taste of what it is like to live, work and play in our region.



GC is free to use, soa diverse range of users are on board.   Every secondary school in the region uses GC as a teaching tool.SMEs use Geelong Careers to advertise their vacancies, manage their applicants and promote their opportunities, getting great results without the burden of cost and the frustration of ineffective paid advertisements.

Beyond the region, businesses, career seekers, government, industry, organisations like Deakin,   are relying on GC to help plan their future, and ours.



Collaboration is the key to success

 For Deakin,  sponsoring Geelong Careers’ existing network isa way to contribute to strengthening the regional economy, building the future work force and positioning the Deakin story at the same time.  This collaboration will only increase the pool of talent from which we can all draw. 

Google for jobs is about to revolutionise the way seekers search for jobs. Geelong Careers partnershipguides job shoppers directly onto an individual company home page. It accesses a target market of local, national and international talent.  Deakin can influence consumer attitudes about its workplace brand in particular, and the unique flavour of our regional lifestyles in general. This will help achieve a better fit in employment matching and build a talent pipeline into the future.


Costs and Benefits

For   $5000 plus GST per annum, (or $1000 plus GST for Not for Profits), a GC Sponsorship offers:   


  • Home page banner - Company logo and identifying photo on Geelong Careers screen scroll through
  • a work place video clip
  • Geelong Careers statement of Endorsement.
  • One Feature story on notice board per annum, pushed out to all Geelong Careers followers and members
  • Full access to all AirCVs across Australia .
  • Direct hotlinks to your careers  page through logos, video clip and company photo
  • Invitation to membership of the Geelong Careers Advisory Committee helping shape the future of human resource development in our region.




For more information about a Geelong Careers Platinum Sponsorship please contact the Geelong Region Local Learning and Employment Network at: