what news of jobs in Geelong?

Posted: 4th Jun

Geelong ‘s regional job economy

May 2021

 Job numbers are holding steady in the region, with numbers well above this time last year and the year before.  Tellingly, the numbers are holding strong for 2021 without any sign of  a dip that might have been expected after the initial optimism of  January 2021.

Some surprising growth in advanced manufacturing , up to 60 jobs in May from 40 in April, and continuing to offer more opportunities than in the previous two years combined. Hospitality, travel and tourism offered 77 jobs in the past month, reflecting the rise in regional travel, despite the most recent lockdowns in Victoria.  

Careers in Caring  (health) and Careers that build (construction ) are strong performers demonstrating their regional importance, as consistently able to deliver a wide range of career opportunities enhanced rather than impaired by the Covid 19 pandemic .

IT, Government and Charity roles are also steady.

Overall, the regional jobs economy demonstrates stability and growth that might be unexpected, countering  the uncertainty of the impact of a global pandemic and illustrating the widely held respect for  our region’s exceptional resilience. 

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