More people than jobs in Geelong

Posted: 8th Dec

The GeelongAdvertiser reports that Geelong is facing one of the most challenging economic times in its history as our population continues to grow faster than any other region in Victoria, and our labour market struggles to keep up.

Geelong Careers is working hard behind the scenes to identify growth opportunities in the region and match these trending careers with relevant local training and experience pathways.  There is a challenge to ensure our regional wprkforce is prepared to meet the current and future growth opportunities .  Five  industries: Eat stay tour, Careers that move, careers that build, careers that teach  and careers in caring are already skill shortages.  Three sunrise industries :  ICT careers, Food and Fibre Careers, Advanced Manufacturing and careers that teach, are the skill shortages of the future.  

To find out more about where Geelong is heading see the Geelong Careers suite of talent communities.

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