calling all careers teachers, parents and advisors

Posted: 11th Dec

This is a bitter sweet time of year for careers teachers and school leadership teams, as you  send your  2015 graduating class off with your best wishes for their future and with deep hopes they will find their individual pathway to satisfying careers.


Some students are graduating with the right  score, and a good sense of direction to do well in achieving their ambitions. Others will take on the world with  a  low ATAR,  or despite your best efforts, without any real  understanding of their future career options.  There is a way you can give them a graduating present that keeps on giving long after you are able to influence their choices.

Would you like to send them away with a useful resource to inform and empower their future choices?


Consider sending them this link:  experienceforwork   

Experience for work is geelongcareers latest talent community.  It is designed by our regional employers as just one thing they can do to help inform and prepare their future workforce.  Experience for work has been developed by the GRLLEN, is free to use,  and offers an ever expanding  range of unique industry experience, designed and loaded by the industry of origin, as just one thing the Geelong business community can do to help our young people get a start in our regional trending industries.


As a parting gesture to your graduating students, may I suggest recommend they check out the ever expanding range of unique experiences in our region’s top performing industries, including ICT, health and agribusiness?  These are not jobs, but experiences designed to give your graduates a real life overview of a dynamic regional industry.


Experienceforwork participants receive:

Voluntary work experience Insurance cover by the GRLLEN 
Mentoring by a careers counsellor from the Workforce Development Centre
A real life interview process, with all opportunities mediated by the Geelong Workforce Development Centre
An  industry-needs reflective resume and interview process
Industry mentoring  and valuable professional connections in Geelong’s top trending industries
Career pathways, many of which do not require university degrees and involve entry level  on the job training.

Geelong skill shortage industres need to keep our young career seekers in the region.  Your graduates often  need  and value an introduction to real  21st century career opportunities in our developing regional economy.