Finding those hidden jobs

Posted: 11th Jan

Finding those hidden jobs. There are 380 advertised jobs on Geelong Careers today. These jobs are harvested according to postcode from public Geelong employment sites, and represent the most comprehensive collection of Geelong jobs available today, and every day. But with the "iceberg ratio" of one advertised job for every six hidden jobs, this means there are 2,280 jobs out there today that will never be publicly advertised. So how do you find these hidden jobs?
Geelong Careers believes there are six tried and proven ways.

  • Number 1: contacts. This means asking everyone you know in the industry in which you are interested, to keep you informed. It means asking your contacts for their contacts. The more people who know you are interested the better your chance of locating one of those hidden opportunities.
  • Number 2: volunteering. Spending time volunteering in an organisation in the industry in which you are interested is a great way to demonstrate your willingness and flexibility, your character and your work ethic. You will make wonderful contacts, gain invaluable experience and receive industry mentoring, all while making a difference to your community. I got my job of creating Geelong Careers through volunteering in a careers radio program on the Pulse, so I can vouch for volunteering as a great pathway into a new career! Check out for more on how to kick start your Geelong career with volunteering.
  • Number 3:  industry experience.  To access unique purpose designed opportunities that will enhance the quality of your career search experience, check out  The advantages are obvious.  Like volunteering,  this  is a chance for you to have real time, real life experiences and access top quality mentoring in Geelong's best performing trending companies.
  • Number 4:  work experience.  Do not undervalue the experiences you have had in your professional and personal life.  For how employers value these "soft skills" see our Geelong AirCV facility which loads your word document CV and produces a facbook like timeline, and a wordle skills bubble  which rates your skills in the way  employers do .
  • Number 5:  mentoring.  Find someone who knows their way around your industry of choice and see if they will mentor you!  
  • Number 6:  good old cold calling.  There is something so compelling about a person who is willing to put themselves out there and ask for an opportunity!  Use linked in, social media, face to face and emails.  Whatever you are comfortable with.  Get yourself out there in 2016!  And stay connected through Geelong Careers facebook page and our trending industry suite of free apps and web sites!