Tomorrow's Digitally Enabled Workforce. Megatrends and Scenarios for jobs and employment in Australia over the coming 20 years

Posted: 16th Mar

This  January 2016 report  has been prepared by the Australian Department of Employment with six Industry Partners, including CSIRO, ANZ bank, and BOG Digital Ventures. The report examines plausible futures for jobs and employment markets in Australia over the coming twenty years.

While digital technology disruption is an important driver, the report covers a comprehensive range of technological, economic, social, environmental and geopolitical trends. The aim is to inform strategic choices of governments, companies, communities and individuals in planning for economic growth, productive industries, rewarding careers, cohesive communities and improved quality of life.

The implications of this report are that workforce transitions – how individuals move from one job to another and how industries move from one labour market structure to another – are crucial. Although change is inevitable, future destinations are not. Based on this narrative of the future, individuals, communities, companies and governments can identify and implement transition pathways that achieve better outcomes. Read the full report here.